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Making beautiful music for your special event.

Heighten the drama, romance, mood, and ambience of your special day.

Will you perform outdoors?

We will perform outdoors as long as a few conditions are met. We won’t play in the rain or if the threat of rain is very strong. The temperature can’t be below 65 degrees and if the weather is extremely warm, we ask that you provide some sort of shade or shelter for us to locate in. Not only does this protect the instruments, it allows us to play better because we won’t have to battle the elements.

Will you accompany a vocalist?

We are happy to accompany singers. We have several we work with regularly, so if you’re not sure whom to hire, we can help. We usually rehearse with the singer right before the event. If an extra rehearsal is required, there is an extra fee.

How many instrumentalists do I need?

The number of performers depends on many variables. The more musicians playing will result in a bigger sound, which carries better. If you are only interested in certain types of music, you are advised to hire a string quartet because we can offer the most variety with this ensemble. A trio is also advisable for smaller budgets.

How do I book you?

Once you have made up your mind, you call us and give us the final details. We will then send two copies of a contract. You will sign both but only mail one back to us. You will also include a non-refundable deposit. After we receive your signed contract and deposit, we are ready to start working on details!

What kind of music do you play?

We mostly play classical music, however we have a broad range of music in our repertoire that includes jazz, broadway, rags and waltzes, and some pop/rock songs.

How do you dress?

We generally dress in black formal wear. Sometimes men wear tuxedos and sometimes, just suits, depending on the occasion and weather.

How far will you travel?

Our basic rates are for Cuyahoga County. If your event is outside the county, there is a charge. The amount depends on how far out of the county your event is.

If beautiful music is important to your event, call The Athena String Ensembles. We can also provide trumpet, flute, oboe, piano, and organ if you desire. 216-906-2692 or 216-932-7942

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